Connecting Photography – Expanded Frames

Connecting Photography is a unit that allows us to explore other mediums that can be used and applied to a photograph. There are three strands to choose from: archive, time and surface. At least one strand must be somehow visibly included in our final work(s). This unit also overlaps and intertwines with the Exposure unit where we are required to exhibit our final piece from the connecting photography, possibly as an installation.

(Examples of surface, time and archive used in photography)


I am really looking forward to this project as it opens up a whole new path of photography. Being able to combine mixed media to create a photograph in a way I haven’t before is something I am looking forward to. I believe I may revisit my Into the Woods project from the Environment unit as I would love to turn it into an installation piece, I will do this by continuing the Into the Woods photo series with a new model and location.

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