Lecture 1 (20/09/17) – Fashion Film and Connecting Photography

Essay questions:

Question 1 – Discuss the expanded and hybrid use of photography
in recent documentary photography and/or recent
interest in the archive as a source of recorded images. 
Tip: Discuss discipline area

Question 2 – “The still photograph represents an unattached instant,
unequivocally grounded in its indexical relation to the
moment of registration. The moving image, on the
contrary, cannot escape from duration, or from
beginnings and ends, or from the patterns that lie
between them.” (Laura Mulvey, Death 24x a Second, 2005). Consider this
statement in relation to the experience of time in a selection of examples of visual
and/or audio-visual media. 
Tip: Analysis of still, moving images

Question 3 – Are photographs pictures or objects? Discuss ways in which this question has been explored in photographic and artistic practice.
Tip: Open question

Question 4 – Is the ‘photographic object’ an ‘object in crisis’? (Baker, 2005) Discuss in relation to notions of expanded fields of photography, ‘post-photography’ or inter-relations between photography and other media.
Tip: Discuss one of the texts using examples

Notes on fashion film lecture

  • William Klein
  • Rihanna wearing HBA – MTV music awards


Click link to watch Rihanna at the MTV music awards

  • Marie Schuller/Craig Green, workwear: These Woman 2016 – collaboration for a museum


Click link to watch Fashion & Freedom: Marie Schuller – Workwear: These Women


Connecting Photography

What is a photograph?
What is photography?
What is medium specificity?

Connecting photography to its past, its pre-history, technological origins and experiments. Connecting it to its present, digital images, and to understand that ‘new’ media expanding frames, to expand the notion of photography and what it can do.

Entangled media and senses…

Media are extensions of our sensorium (of the senses). Our senses are braided together (the optical and sensual).

Modes of connecting:

  • Disconnection. Purist model of photography
  • Multiple connections. Hybridity of photography, as a part of wider media landscapes
  • Reconnections


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