Surface and Time Ideas

I have decided to rule out archive as a possible strand to use. I’ve done this due to the fact that for me, I don’t think it is the best strand to choose. I do not believe I will enjoy it as much.

Listed below are a range of ideas that I have come up with whilst thinking about surface and time and how they could contribute towards my exhibition piece.


  • Projections
  • Colours
  • Damage – broken, burnt etc
  • “Fixed”
  • Layering
  • Mixed media e.g. paint, wax
  • Mirrors
  • Images on transparent media/material
  • Sewing
  • Textiles



  • Timelapse
  • Overlapping different frames
  • Layered images or stages of age
  • Double exposure
  • Progression over time
  • Film/video


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