Ideas / 1

After extensive research on ways to exhibit my work, I have decided to create an installation piece using the strand surface. I will use layering to create something that will be seen differently from around the installation piece, a sort of illusion.


Idea 1Into the Woods (Part II)

For this idea, I will be continuing my ‘Into the Woods’ photo series (Into the Woods photo series). I will take a series of images and print certain parts of them onto acetate, laying them on the top of one another. Example picture below.

Each layer of acetate will have a part of an image on it, so when they are layered, they create a whole image.

Idea 23D

This idea focuses on using the 3D effect, much like when you look through the 3D glasses at a cinema. I will use layering on acetate to create the idea of looking into 3D glasses. Example pictures below.

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