Rough Ideas

I’ve decided to use surface or time within this project as I believe these strands will allow myself to experiment more with new materials and mixed media. I also think that these two better fit my own unique style.

  • Perspex or acetate
  • Layering
  • Installation
  • Movement
  • Projection
  • Light
  • 3D

My initial idea is to somehow use layering, either within the image itself or as an installation. Whilst researching different techniques that will create this, I came across many different artists/photographers whose work has inspired my thought process and opened me up to many new ways of layering.

Brooks Salzwedel’s work focuses on natural and unnatural landscapes disconnected from their usual surroundings or places in time. He uses graphite amongst other materials to create these layered images.

Multi exposure is able to create images that create an optical illusion of such. This could also be created by using projections and acetate layering.

The following images are created by layering and printing images onto acetate and/or perspex.


I wanted to start thinking how I would turn a photograph or a series or photographs into an installation. As I am using layers as a main part of my project, hanging them seemed the easiest way to display them. Many other artists and photographs who have used layering in an installation piece have also used this method.


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