Photography Installation Research

Before I got set into an idea, I wanted to explore ways to exhibit an installation, as that, so far is the only thing I am sure of doing. I really want to create something more than a photograph, I want to turn objects into a main part of the photographs, not just an object that frames or is a part of the image etc.

I looked into ways in which photographers decided to display their work and how they turned them into installations. I came across projections, images hanging from a ceiling, images printed onto transparent materials such as perspex and acetate. Below is a link to my Pinterest board that contains many images that I found whilst researching into photography installations.

The images above are the ones that caught my attention most and have made me realise how I want to display my installation. I will be using acetate or perspex and layering as an optical illusion, three-dimensional kind of way. I will look into hanging my installation pieces.

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