Test Shoot #1

Before jumping straight into a shoot I would use for my final photographs, I thought the best thing to do was to do a test shoot. I did this because I wanted to familiarize myself with camera settings again as well as the scenery. I wanted to take several shots just to see what would work and what would not. I had the model dress in red as that is the colour my model will be wearing for my final images. The location wasn’t exactly what I was looking for due to the lack of trees and it being uphill so I will research further into other locations that have what I am looking for.

Below are some of the photos from my test shoot.


I am very happy I decided to do a test shoot as I found myself struggling to find the correct aperture and the light meter was not working. Although the pictures didn’t turn out how I initially hoped they would, the shoot has given me ideas of composition and the overall look of the images I want. For my final shoot, I will make sure that all the equipment is working before starting.

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