‘Into the Woods: Part II (Shoot Concept)

I have decided to continue my Into the Woods photo series. The original series’ (Into the Woods: Part I) concept was based on my childhood spent in my Grandads farm and forest (click here for ‘Into the Woods’ original concept). For ITH (Into the Woods) Part II, I want to continue the same concept as I do not want to change what started it, but it will also be expanded. Alongside the inspiration for this photo series being about my childhood and where I spent it, I also wanted to show the more mysterious side of it and make Part II seem more mature. Whereas Part I consisted of my younger sister being my model, this time I used my friend that I have known for five years. This still connects to my childhood but I have also grown up with her through college and university. The scenery in Part I and Part II took place in different seasons, thus showing change.

Although I do not have a completely new concept for this project, I don’t really want to. Even though I am continuing a photo series, I want a fresh look and a new feel to the series, I don’t want to have to scrap the original concept for the series as it means a lot to me. I just want to expand and continue it.

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