Into the Woods (Part II) / Shoot

For my final shoot, I looked back at the photographs I took for my ‘Into the Woods’ photo series (click here to see images). I did as I want to continue the photo series, thus needing the images from both parts of the series able to flow well together. I didn’t want Part II of the series to look out of place with the previous part of the series.

Below are the edited images from the shoot.

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I enhanced the reds, yellows, greens and ever so slightly the cyans in these images. I have done this as red is the colour the flows through my work, you will often see the colour somewhere in my photographs, being the main colour the majority of the time. I am really pleased with the composition of my photos and the overall look of them. The next step is to arrange parts of them together in photoshop to create a series of layers, these will then be printed onto acetate.

I think I have done a good job of continuing my Into the Woods photo series and have done it justice. The new images work well with the past images but also gives a fresh and urban feel to the series. I am hoping to continue the series further in the future.

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