How Layering is Used in Animation

After extensive research on how laying can be used in photography and as installation pieces, Jason mentioned animation. He explained how animations use layering and that I should look more into it. The first thing I done when I got home was watch the Lion King as it is my favourite Disney and animation film of all time. I noticed how they used layering to create a sense of depth-of-field. I then researched further into how layering is used in animation.

“Working with layers in animation and graphics software lets you composite your scenes in a way that doesn’t require fitting everything together perfectly in each frame; you can use layers to give you more freedom in editing, and also to keep from merging objects together on one frame when you need them to be separate in others. Layers can also be rearranged, allowing you to change the order in which objects are displayed, thus changing the composition of your scene.”

– Adrien-Luc Sanders

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