Finalised Layers for Acetate (Photoshop)

I have decided to use several of my images to create my final piece. I will not use each of them as separate images, instead, I will merge aspects of my favourite photographs to create a series of layers. When placed over the top of one another, the layers of printed acetate will come together to create a whole new image.

Below are screenshots of the images I will print onto acetate. I put together the images by selecting certain parts from the photos I took and merging them together, I have constructed every layer myself using photoshop.



I have eight layers constructed from 14 photographs that when printed on acetate and placed over one another, will create a new image. It took me a few days to get the hang of doing this on photoshop and a lot of tries to get it right, I needed to make sure no image, other than the background image, was in the place of the models face. I didn’t want the overall piece to seem too busy, which also took a lot of practice and brainstorming to work out how to do so. Overall, this process took 3 days and though I got worked up at times, I believe they worked out rather well.

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