Storytelling Initial Ideas & Research

There are many ways and different medias to create photographs and films, The New York Times uses audio over clips creating a slideshow movie (One in 8 Million). The audio includes background noise of busy streets and as well as audio of people speaking, overlapping of audio and imagery.

New York Times – One in 8 Million

This video managed to tell a series of stories with the help of photography. In this project we are required to show narrative in a series of photographic images, this can be gained from stills of a video or static imagery. I have always been fond of great cinematic stills from movies such as Moulin Rouge and wanted to research more into them as I could create my own short film/video and use stills from it. I want to expand my idea of narrative, not just thinking about how to create a series of images that tell a narrative, but maybe using still images of a film as that itself is already made up from a solid narrative.


Moulin Rouge, film still


Lala Land, film stills


Cinematic photography and movie stills help the series flow as there is already a solid storyline. As much as I like the idea of creating a short film and using the stills, it is something I need a lot more experimenatation and time with as I don’t really have much experience or knowledge with it. I will learn more into creating short films and cinematography in the future as it is something I would really like to try. Cinematography is something I am really interested in and I am certainly going to research more into it and try it myself.

Though I may not be creating my own short film, I could always photograph as a short film is being created, or even behind the scenes, these all tell a narrative. Narrative can be created easily or even found! Every photograph tells a story, but finding a story to base a whole photographic series around can be harder than you may have initially thought. I have always been fond of staged photography and have used it in pretty much all of my projects as I love having the freedom to create literally anything I want, below are a few images from photographers that have given me inspiration.


As a little task, we were asked to list anything that comes into our head for possible ideas to do with the storytelling project. Here are mine:

  • Conceptual
  • Fine art
  • Set design
  • Fictional
  • Open space
  • Outside
  • Nature
  • Water
  • Environment
  • Red
  • Green
  • Handmade book
  • Multiple models
  • Props
  • Cristina Otero
  • Leaves
  • Studio work
  • Leather back book
  • Old style
  • Film or digital, experiment with both
  • Emotion


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