Essay Ideas #1

  • Staged Photography
  • Photography associated with fact but commonly used as fiction
  • Staged photography to help tell the narrative of real world issues
  • Photography as fiction
  • How staged photography is used to tell narratives of world issues vs made up world issued
  • How fiction photography can be used as both good and bad

I have always been drawn into staged photography, there is so much freedom that allows you to bring what is in your imagination to life by constructing scenes. The works of photographers such as Gregory Crewdson and Cristina Otero mesmerise me and has continued to do so throughout my artistic education and career. They both have played a massive part of why I have such a passion for staged photography and they will inspire my work for the rest of my life.

Staged photography not only allows you to turn a thought into a reality, but allows you to document events in a way that factual photography cannot. It allows you to get awareness of an event within a safe environment. Many documentary photographers risk their mental health and/or lives whilst capturing certain events such as war photographer and photojournalists. Staging the events that do occur in situations like that not only keeps the subjects safe, but raises awareness of the event. In the storytelling essay I want to discuss how staged documentary can be a reliable resource for documenting truth just as well as factual documentary.

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