Photobook/Zine Ideas & Research

For a part of our project we are required to produce a self-initiated visual project responding to the notion of ‘storytelling’. We can present our work in the form of either a printed book or magazine/zine, a video, an exhibition or a web-based project. I have chosen to create a photo book as I enjoy creating these more and want to experiment different ways in doing so.

I have created a hardback book before and printed it through blurb and really liked the end results. Instead of playing it safe and doing that again, I want to explore other ways I can create my book that best presents my in a way that it fit my projects theme. I don’t want to create a hardback book if my idea ends up being more raw and gritty instead of clean and polished.

Below are some ideas of photo books I have come across whist researching:








I researched both homemade and digitally made books.

I also looked in the book ‘Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto’ by Bruno Ceschel. Pictured below are some pages of the book that I liked.


Another book I looked at was ‘Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture’. In this book it features how the zine was made. Examples below:


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