Final Idea (From the Outside Looking In) – Research & Moodboards

My final idea is a modified version of my second idea that would have been titled ‘Decades Through a Window’. The original idea was based on a conversation I had with my great nan discussing how homes have changed over the last 94 years. I wanted to photograph through windows of peoples homes with the individuals knowing. I was going to have the decor and fashion of the rooms to match different decades to show the change of homes throughout the decades. I really like this idea and want to pursue it to the best I possibly can as it was influenced by my great nan and her story. I am 100% sure I cannot do this within the time limit of this project so I have decided to take the idea of photographing through windows of knowing individuals, just with a different narrative.

I have always loved car rides ever since I was a child, I would always look at the homes we would drive by and wondered what kind of people lived in them and what they had done to get there. The mystery of what goes on behind closed doors is something that I believe everyone has thought of. I still wonder what kind of people live the homes I pass and what they do. For this project, I am going to photograph through windows capturing people in their own personal environment. I will photograph different rooms featuring different people doing what they choose to do, I am planning to capture a series of different events that happen in homes from watching television to gathering.

idea 3

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