Idea 2 (Decades Through a Window) – Research & Moodboards

Whilst having a conversation with my 94-year-old great nan about her life over the years, she told me about her experience with moving houses and the changes throughout the decades, from house decor to fashion. She told me of what she remembered of her first childhood home before World War II and where she stayed throughout it. She has lived in her house in Rye since the 50’s, it was the first lot of houses built in that area after the war had ended. Since then, her home has gradually changed to keep up with the modern time but she has refused to change anything drastically. She said to me “I was born in 1924 and I have seen and experienced many things, both great and horrific, it’s like I have been staring through a window as everything has changed over the last 94 years, but I myself, and my home have not.” This quote inspired me to photograph through windows of knowing individuals and to capture them in their own environment. Her story also influenced me to photograph people through windows of rooms set to match different decades from the 1900s to now. I want to capture the changes that have occurred within the ‘home’.

Below are mood boards of home decor, make-up and clothes of the 1910s to start my research of this idea.

1910 decor1910 clothes1910 hair and makeup

I understand that this idea may require a lot of time and preparation and that I may gain the best results if I dedicated a year or so for this project, I am going to continue to research ways around this so I can still follow through with this idea with some changes.

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