From the Outside Looking In – Concept

The concept for this project is capturing scenes of knowing individuals helping tell the narrative of what people get up to when they are in a comfortable environment going ahead with their day to day lives.

Ever since I was a child, I have always wondered what kind of people were living in the houses I was passing by. I wondered if there were a family living there, how they got there and what kind of challenges they may of overcome to get there. Homes are a safe space where people spend the vast majority of their time, many interesting things take place in homes and the wonder of what stores can be told of the events that have occurred in them intrigues me. Everyone gets a glimpse of them inside of people’s homes through windows whilst passing by. I am going to capture true images of knowing individuals in their personal spaces through a window, capturing them from the outside looking in. I am going to be photographing through windows when it is dark, as the individuals taking part won’t be able to see me which will give them more of a natural feeling for them to ahead with what they are doing, therefor showing a more natural look on camera.

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