Michael Wolf – Window Watching (Research)

Michael Wolf is a German artist and photographer who focuses on daily lives in big cities. His series ‘Window Watching’ gave a strong influence on my project. I like the feeling of mystery and wonder I get whilst viewing these images and I want to capture this in my own project. Photographing through an object always gives a sense of wonder and I believe Wolf has done this perfectly. Photographing the images at night draws the viewer into the illuminated windows help to tell the narrative of the subjects lives without any distractions of the surroundings.

Wolf’s images give the sense of wonder into peoples livelihoods and what they get up to behind closed doors in the comfort of homes, this is exactly what I plan to capture in my project.


I am drawn to Wolf’s images in this series as it captures individuals going ahead with the lives, the images show vulnerability. Wolf got into some legal issues from these images as he did not have the consent of the subjects.

“Michael Wolf’s ‘Window Watching’ series went viral after Hong Wrong posted his latest photographic series two weeks ago – click here to see the full set. The South China Morning Mouthpiece reports today that the German photographer may be in legal trouble should any of his subjects complain.”


As I stated in my research of Merry Alpern’s ‘Dirty Windows’, I would not photograph through windows of un-knowing suspects due to repercussion and the lack of comfort I would have in doing so. It is not something I am interested in doing as I know and respect peoples comfort in their own homes. I will still use the concept of capturing individuals in the comfort of their own homes through a window but will be using individuals who have given consent and know that I am there.

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