Bookbinding Workshop

This workshop was run by Ollie and was really useful, especially as I am considering hand making my own photobook/zine for my final piece. He showed us two binding methods which I have used before but it was a nice refresher.

The first binding method Ollie showed us was the Japanese bind. At first, this method looked complicated but as I have done it before, I managed to get the hang of it rather quickly. Overall, I like the way you could see the stitch on the covers (front and back) but when opening the book I realised that you could not open the book fully to show the compete pages as the binding was not just in the centre of the folds. Because of this, the pages book seemed fragile if you were to try and open the it fully. In addition to this, you could clearly see the threads incision through the pages which made the book look messy and there is no easy and clean way to hide them. I will not be using this method of binding to create my photobook.

The second and final binding method Ollie showed us was the pamphlet bind. This method uses a single section and is sewn with a running stitch down the spine and gives a finish quite similar to stapling. This method was simple yet leaves the book with a much more elegant and clean finish than the Japanese bind. I found that on opening the book, all pages were visible with no restrictions and the bind itself could be easily hidden if wanted. This can be done buy using another piece of paper or material stuck on the initial pages but not completely over the spine to allow the necessary movement the book needs. So far in my bookbinding research, this method is one I really like the finish of and am strongly considering using if I decide to hand make my own book.


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