Olivia Pomp – Talk About Careers in the Arts (08/05/18)

Olivia Pomp is an international Stylist and Fashion Editor who we gratefully get to have occasional workshops and talks with at the University. This time, she spoke about her experience in the creative industry and gave advise towards work experience. She gave us an insight of what the creative industry is about and what great things can be achieved by hard work, constant passion and motivation. I was very keen to hear her stories and personal opinions about the industry and had a few questions lined up that I wanted her response on.

I asked Pomp when it was that she realised what she wanted to do and how she got there. I asked her this as I have studied many platforms of art and design over the last six years including fashion design and textiles. I studied fashion media and promotion before changing courses to Photography as I realised I did not have as much drive and passion towards the course a whole, I was completely drawn into the photography element of the course and it was then I realised that was where my passion lied. Throughout studying the creative industry the fact that I never knew 100% what creative path I wanted to go down worried me and getting a chance to discuss this with Olivia really helped. Her response gave me support and lifted a weight off my shoulders, she explained how she went through exactly the same and sometimes still does. She shared with me that working towards an industry that has many platforms to build a career in is amazing as it doesn’t have many limitations of what career path you can be in, before becoming a stylist and fashion editor Olivia studied languages and the art of Couture tailoring in Munich. She explained that without her constant drive and passion to build up a career in an industry that she loved is what got her to where she is today. She told me not to worry about not knowing what I exactly want to do within the industry and to keep striving towards achieving greatness in doing what inspires me and producing work that I enjoy. Olivia ended my question by advising me to stop worrying and to enjoy myself and the amazing opportunities we get studying photography in the UK with London being an amazing place for the creative industry.

Olivia has worked with some of the most known names in the creative industry such as Karl Lagerfeld, she would not have got there if it was not for her continuous passion and drive to do well and excel in an industry that she adored. Having the chance to talk to Olivia has opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities there is out there and to not give up trying to look for work experience as it is a great start towards a career in the creative industry.

Below is a link to Olivia’s website:

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