Workshop With Jan Rowan (15/05/18)

For our final workshop of the Photographic Futures unit, we had an hour-long discussion and presentation with Jan Rowan who is our University’s career and employability advisor. She spoke about how to be an overall happy person with the right balance of things in your life to form a happy persona and how to bounce back when something goes wrong. Jan spoke about the importance of being resilient and how that implies in a career. Being resilient in your career allows you to move on from rejection and gives you the ability to overcome negative emotions that may occur when dealing with tough situations. This is important as you need to be able to get back up again in order to find and get the job you want, not every employer will take you on but that does not mean you are not right for the job or will not get one in the future. Being persistent and positive is key to finding a job in the career you want.

This workshop with Jan helped me realise that though I may not get the job I want the first time around, it will not be my only opportunity if I keep on trying. I have always had self-doubt in being good enough and this workshop helped me understand that that is not the case. If I continue striving towards what I want and do not give up looking I will find the job I am happy in.


Below is Jan’s presentation.

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