Evidence of Emails Regarding Work Experience

Unfortunately I did not manage to find anywhere to complete my 10 days experience with. I reached out to Cristina Otero, Linda Blacker, i-D, Channel 4, Sylvia Young Theatre School amongst some other. I tried contacting employers by reaching out on social media, emailing, and even phoning. I did not get any replies back from the emails or social media messages I sent and the places I called took my details and said they’d contact me if there was any chance or openings in the future. During a phone call I had with a woman called Calli who worked at i-D, she stated that they were looking for recent graduates for internships from 6 months onwards. Hopefully, I will get a response back from someone eventually as I would really love to obtain some sort of work experience over the summer. Below are some screen grabs from a few emails in which I sent to certain companies and individuals where I tried to obtain work experience, I sent the same context within the emails but adapted to the person or company I was contacting.

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