Preparation For Independent Research Unit In Year 3

  • A research project (expressed with words)
  • 3 possible modes of articulation
    • A thesis: writing that conforms to academic conventions
    • Writing that explores alternative modes of writing research
    • Practice LED research project

Research of Places to Contact for Work Experience

I want to contact companies and individuals whos work I am inspired by. I am drawn to staged and fine art photography so I will contact photographers whose work I have followed for years as it would be an honour to complete my work experience with people I look up to. I am also going to contact studios, magazine, websites and theatres, as there work is mostly constructed.

Here is a list of companies/individuals that I am going to begin my search for work experience by contacting:

Work Experience – Tutorial

On the first day of the Photographic Futures unit, we were given ideas of places in which we could do work experience in. Some ideas were galleries, magazine, websites and studios. We were also informed about the insurance policy forms in which we would have to fill out as well as the employer who was taking us up on work experience – this is a requirement that covers any possible injuries. If the employer does not have public liability insurance then there is a website in which we can purchase it ourselves via Artist Newsletter (


I had a short tutorial with Jason to discuss places in which I would be interested in spending my 10 days work experience. I have always been drawn to staged photography so things such as theatre and film intrigue me, I will contact theatres and film/tv studios. I will also contact places such as Sky, IVT, BBC and Channel 4 in addition to theatre companies and schools.


Placements, Finding and Applying

You must have employer liability insurance and public liability insurance.

  • Social media
  • Making direct contact with the employer
  • Using your network
  • UCA careers, twitter and facebook
  • AOP – The Association of Photographers

Do not include GCSE’s on your CV. Include first aid, awards, exhibitions etc…
Interests and references are not crucial. No photo or DOB, the less personal information, the better.

Profile format:

  • Who you are – Y2 Photography etc…
  • What you are offering
  • What you want – placements, 10 days

Do not include ‘teamwork’, No I am’s or I have’s.
Employability Skills:

  • Self-management
  • Team-working (show in past jobs)
  • Business and customer awareness
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication and literacy
  • Application of numeracy
  • Application of ICT
  • Positive attitude and enterprising qualities

Possibly use the same font they do on their website etc on my CV.
Use InDesign and Illustrator.


Cover Letter

The cover letter used as the first part of the email, do not email an attachment of the cover letter.

  • Purpose – to grab attention and make them want to read your CV.
  • Always send a cover letter with your CV and application unless asked not to or if it is online
  • Cover letter + CV = The bait
  • No longer than a page – be sufficient
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Clear font, font size 10-12
  • Use bullet points or bold to highlight key points

Can send a letter including the CV, cover note, business cards.