From the Outside Looking In – Shoots

Shoot #1

For this set of images, I captured my friends smoking hanging outside of a bedroom window.


Shoot #2

I wanted to take a number of shots of as Holly goes ahead with her daily tasks of using her laptop to washing up.


Shoot #3

I went home for the Easter holidays and photographed family members playing games on a laptop and washing up. Using more than one window at a time give the feeling of more than one image within an image.


Shoot #4

When my friends get together for social gatherings we often go into the shed as some of them smoke, this turned out to be a great space to photograph.


Shoot #5

My housemates spend some nights in their rooms playing on their computers or studying. As their rooms are directly on top of each other, capturing them both at the same time made a really aesthetically pleasing image with the use of coloured LED lights.