Bookbinding Workshop

This workshop was run by Ollie and was really useful, especially as I am considering hand making my own photobook/zine for my final piece. He showed us two binding methods which I have used before but it was a nice refresher.

The first binding method Ollie showed us was the Japanese bind. At first, this method looked complicated but as I have done it before, I managed to get the hang of it rather quickly. Overall, I like the way you could see the stitch on the covers (front and back) but when opening the book I realised that you could not open the book fully to show the compete pages as the binding was not just in the centre of the folds. Because of this, the pages book seemed fragile if you were to try and open the it fully. In addition to this, you could clearly see the threads incision through the pages which made the book look messy and there is no easy and clean way to hide them. I will not be using this method of binding to create my photobook.

The second and final binding method Ollie showed us was the pamphlet bind. This method uses a single section and is sewn with a running stitch down the spine and gives a finish quite similar to stapling. This method was simple yet leaves the book with a much more elegant and clean finish than the Japanese bind. I found that on opening the book, all pages were visible with no restrictions and the bind itself could be easily hidden if wanted. This can be done buy using another piece of paper or material stuck on the initial pages but not completely over the spine to allow the necessary movement the book needs. So far in my bookbinding research, this method is one I really like the finish of and am strongly considering using if I decide to hand make my own book.


Darkroom Workshop

Luckily enough I was able to have a one-to-one darkroom workshop with Nina and I jumped at the chance of doing so as I was able to ask questions and experience freely with Nina’s assistance. This darkroom workshop was black and white fibre-based printing. I had never done this before so I was very appreciative of having the guidance.

Fibre based paper has the photographic emulsion coated directly onto the fibres of the paper so, in processing, chemistry soaks into the paper making it much slower to process, wash and dry … The technical benefits of the Baryta layer include greater detail and definition, extended tonal range and excellent archival properties.

After doing a few test strips to find out what the right amount of exposure was that would show my image in best way possible I decided to produce my full image. The overall process is time consuming but definitely worth it! I found the process calming and very enjoyable, I think that I work well in the darkroom and manage to produce good work. I very happy with my final outcome and will definitely use it for my future work.

From the Outside Looking In – Shoots

Shoot #1

For this set of images, I captured my friends smoking hanging outside of a bedroom window.


Shoot #2

I wanted to take a number of shots of as Holly goes ahead with her daily tasks of using her laptop to washing up.


Shoot #3

I went home for the Easter holidays and photographed family members playing games on a laptop and washing up. Using more than one window at a time give the feeling of more than one image within an image.


Shoot #4

When my friends get together for social gatherings we often go into the shed as some of them smoke, this turned out to be a great space to photograph.


Shoot #5

My housemates spend some nights in their rooms playing on their computers or studying. As their rooms are directly on top of each other, capturing them both at the same time made a really aesthetically pleasing image with the use of coloured LED lights.

Final Idea (From the Outside Looking In) – Research & Moodboards

My final idea is a modified version of my second idea that would have been titled ‘Decades Through a Window’. The original idea was based on a conversation I had with my great nan discussing how homes have changed over the last 94 years. I wanted to photograph through windows of peoples homes with the individuals knowing. I was going to have the decor and fashion of the rooms to match different decades to show the change of homes throughout the decades. I really like this idea and want to pursue it to the best I possibly can as it was influenced by my great nan and her story. I am 100% sure I cannot do this within the time limit of this project so I have decided to take the idea of photographing through windows of knowing individuals, just with a different narrative.

I have always loved car rides ever since I was a child, I would always look at the homes we would drive by and wondered what kind of people lived in them and what they had done to get there. The mystery of what goes on behind closed doors is something that I believe everyone has thought of. I still wonder what kind of people live the homes I pass and what they do. For this project, I am going to photograph through windows capturing people in their own personal environment. I will photograph different rooms featuring different people doing what they choose to do, I am planning to capture a series of different events that happen in homes from watching television to gathering.

idea 3

Idea 2 (Decades Through a Window) – Research & Moodboards

Whilst having a conversation with my 94-year-old great nan about her life over the years, she told me about her experience with moving houses and the changes throughout the decades, from house decor to fashion. She told me of what she remembered of her first childhood home before World War II and where she stayed throughout it. She has lived in her house in Rye since the 50’s, it was the first lot of houses built in that area after the war had ended. Since then, her home has gradually changed to keep up with the modern time but she has refused to change anything drastically. She said to me “I was born in 1924 and I have seen and experienced many things, both great and horrific, it’s like I have been staring through a window as everything has changed over the last 94 years, but I myself, and my home have not.” This quote inspired me to photograph through windows of knowing individuals and to capture them in their own environment. Her story also influenced me to photograph people through windows of rooms set to match different decades from the 1900s to now. I want to capture the changes that have occurred within the ‘home’.

Below are mood boards of home decor, make-up and clothes of the 1910s to start my research of this idea.

1910 decor1910 clothes1910 hair and makeup

I understand that this idea may require a lot of time and preparation and that I may gain the best results if I dedicated a year or so for this project, I am going to continue to research ways around this so I can still follow through with this idea with some changes.

Photobook/Zine Ideas & Research

For a part of our project we are required to produce a self-initiated visual project responding to the notion of ‘storytelling’. We can present our work in the form of either a printed book or magazine/zine, a video, an exhibition or a web-based project. I have chosen to create a photo book as I enjoy creating these more and want to experiment different ways in doing so.

I have created a hardback book before and printed it through blurb and really liked the end results. Instead of playing it safe and doing that again, I want to explore other ways I can create my book that best presents my in a way that it fit my projects theme. I don’t want to create a hardback book if my idea ends up being more raw and gritty instead of clean and polished.

Below are some ideas of photo books I have come across whist researching:








I researched both homemade and digitally made books.

I also looked in the book ‘Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto’ by Bruno Ceschel. Pictured below are some pages of the book that I liked.


Another book I looked at was ‘Behind the Zines: Self-Publishing Culture’. In this book it features how the zine was made. Examples below:


Idea 1 – Research & Moodboards


Overall Influence



Hair & Make-Up

Picture3.pngBasic natural straight/wavy hair, bold red lip and red eyeshadow.



Flowing fabrics to put over the top of the model’s clothes (these will be white as it will stand out amongst the greens, blues and browns of the surroundings).




I have chosen Shorne Country Park as my location. I have shot here before and know the location well, there are a few lakes in this location too. My model will go into a few of the lakes, I have made sure that this is safe prior to the shoot.